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Extended Program

The Extended Program is a unique curriculum at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry that allows an individual to complete the Doctor of Optometry degree over a period of five years instead of the traditional four years.

Frequently Asked Questions

The extended program is designed for individuals who; are returning to school after an absence, are changing professional fields, or require a lighter course load initially because of family or other obligations. The extended program is not for students with weaker academic credentials or low test scores. On the contrary, the extended program is often made up of the strongest students who happen to have additional responsibilities that do not allow them to complete the program at the traditional pace.

In the extended program, students complete the first two years of the traditional four-year program over a three year time period. The third and fourth years of both programs are identical. Individuals who complete the requirements for the extended program receive the same Doctor of Optometry degree as those completing the traditional four-year program and are held to the same standards of excellence for graduation.

Yes, the same application process used for the traditional four-year program is also used for the extended program. Applicants who wish to be considered for admission into the extended program must submit a brief statement with their secondary application describing why they feel the Extended Program is appropriate for them. The enrollment for the extended program is very limited. Requesting admission to the extended program does not guarantee acceptance into this program nor does it lower the admissions standards.

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