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You may be interested in starting a career, changing direction in mid-career, or enhancing your skills in your area of specialty. If so, NSU College of Optometry offers you options that create opportunities.

At the College of Optometry, teaching is central to our mission. Our faculty members are nationally recognized scholars, with expertise in teaching, research, and scholarship. The MSCVR program is a 45-credit degree program, including a thesis.

The thesis is based on a research project designed according to the student's interest. Each student has an adviser who is an expert in the student's area of interest and guides the student's thesis project. At least seven, and as many as twelve, semester credit hours are devoted to the preparation of a thesis. The program may be completed on an intensive basis in as short as two years or up to six calendar years on a part-time basis.

The College of Optometry's professional degree program may be combined with the MSCVR program to enable students to earn both degrees in a minimum of five calendar years.

MSCVR Specialty Track Courses

Optic Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8110 Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8120 Advanced Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8191 Independent Study I in Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8192 Independent Study II in Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8193 Independent Study III in Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8194 Independent Study IV in Optics and Visual Optics
CVR 8193 - 8194 Independent Study III & IV
Public Health Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8210 Public Health
CVR 8220 Epidemiology
CVR 8291 Independent Research I in Public Health
CVR 8292 Independent Research II in Public Health
CVR 8293 Independent Research III in Public Health
CVR 8294 Independent Research IV in Public Health
Electrodiagnostics Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8310 Fundamentals of Electrodiagnostic Instrumentation and Methods
CVR 8320 Advanced Topics in Clinical Electrodiagnosis
CVR 8391 Independent Study I in Clinical Electrodiagnostic Research
CVR 8392 Independent Study II in Clinical Electrodiagnostic Research
CVR 8393 Independent Study III in Clinical Electrodiagnostic Research
CVR 8394 Independent Study IV in Clinical Electrodiagnostic Research
Binocular Vision and Pediatrics Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8410 Current Topics in Basic and Clinical Research in Binocular Vision
CVR 8420 Methods in Binocular Vision and Pediatric Optometry
CVR 8491 Independent Study I in Binocular Vision
CVR 8492 Independent Study II in Binocular Vision
CVR 8493 Independent Study III in Binocular Vision
CVR 8494 Independent Study IV in Binocular Vision
Contact Lens Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8510 Cornea and Contact Lens Practice
CVR 8520 Advanced Methods in Contact Lens Fitting and Performance
CVR 8591 Independent Study I in Contact Lenses
CVR 8592 Independent Study II in Contact Lenses
CVR 8593 Independent Study III in Contact Lenses
CVR 8594 Independent Study IV in Contact Lenses
CVR 8593 - 8594 Independent Study III & IV in Contact Lenses
Low Vision & Clinical Assessment Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8610 Mental Health with Visual Impairment
CVR 8620 Assessment of Functional Vision
CVR 8691 Independent Study I in Low Vision
CVR 8692 Independent Study II in Low Vision
CVR 8693 Independent Study III in Low Vision
CVR 8694 Independent Study IV in Low Vision
Ocular Motility Courses
course #course name/description
CVR 8710 Overview to the Analysis of Eye Movements I
CVR 8720 Analysis and Interpretation of Eye Movements II
CVR 8791 Independent Study I in Ocular Motility
CVR 8792 Independent Study II in Ocular Motility
CVR 8793 Independent Study III in Ocular Motility
CVR 8794 Independent Study IV in Ocular Motility
course #course name/description
CVR 8999 Thesis Continuation

Graduate Certificate Option

The certificate option is designed to fulfill all core course requirements for the Masters of Science degree as defined by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. Students completing the certificate option may, upon acceptance, transfer all courses successfully completed to any track of the Master of Science in Clinical Vision Research Program.

Please Note: The College of Optometry reserves the right to cancel and reschedule courses or modify the curriculum at its discretion.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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