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Please click on our student's photos to the right to hear what they have to say about NSUCO.

Clinical experiences in all areas of optometric specialties: pediatrics, low vision, contact lenses, and ocular disease providing insight into the many and varied career paths available to OD's.

"Truly improve patients' lives" by caring for a diverse population at 5 unique NOVA clinics and on mission trips into developing countries.

Safe, suburban campus in a beautiful south Florida setting.

Active University community with a great gym and interactive environment to help students achieve a healthy school/life balance.

Work with other health professional students, meet new people, network, and share learning experiences.

Unique programs to enhance learning including; mini-MBA for optometrists, Extended program, and Preparatory Optometry program (POP).

Post-graduates learning opportunities including; MSCVR, MPh, MBA, and 8 unique residencies to increase career options for our graduates

Can you SEE yourself here? Is NSUCO a good fit for you and your future?

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