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Transcript Quality Exams or Continuing Education with Examination (TQ/CEE)

You now have the option to pay for your TQ exams on-line as many people no longer write checks.  Doctors can continue to mail a check in with their completed Scantrons or use the button below labeled "PRE-PAY TESTING (TQ/CEE)".  When returning your exams, we will ask you to include the form denoting your form of payment.  For example:

      • Doctor’s name
      • Check enclosed
      • On-Line Payment
      • # of Exams returned
      • 1 exam $30                        
      • 2 exams $60
      • 3 exams $90
      • 4 exams $120
      • 5 exams $150
      • 6 exams $180
      • 7 exams $210
      • 8 exams $240
      • 9 exams $270
      • 10 exams $300

TQ packages will be emailed rather than US Mail and the conference host will provide the Scantrons and return envelopes.  Should a doctor prefer their exam via US Mail please let your conference host know and this will be communicated to NSU.  Select your conference name from the pulldown menu to process your payment.

Please contact our Office of Continuing Education at 954-262-4224 or for further assistance.

Pre-Pay Testing (TQ-CEE)

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