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Michael Bacigalupi Assistant Professor (954) 262-1480 Michael Bacigalupi's bio Email Michael Bacigalupi
Eulogio Besada Associate Professor (954) 262-4025 Eulogio Besada's bio Email Eulogio Besada
Hua Bi Assistant Professor (954) 262-1444 Biography Email Hua Bi
Rachel A. Coulter Associate Professor / MSCVR Consultant (954) 262-1438 Rachel A. Coulter's bio Email Rachel A. Coulter
Melanie Crandall Associate Professor (954) 262-1464 Melanie Crandall's bio Email Melanie Crandall
Patrick C. Hardigan Exec. Dean for Assessment, Evaluation & Faculty Development (954) 262-1181 N/A Email Patrick C. Hardigan
Peter Holub Adjunct Associate Professor Email Patrick C. Hardigan
Erin C. Jenewein Assistant Professor Email Albert David Woods
Bai-Chuan Jiang Professor (954) 262-1444 Bai-Chuan Jiang's bio Email Bai-Chuan Jiang
Janet Leasher Associate Professor (954) 262-1488 Janet Leasher's bio Email Janet Leasher
David Loshin Dean / Professor (954) 262-1404 N/A Email David Loshin
Leah Nof Adjunct Professor (954) 262-1276 N/A Email Leah Nof
Pamela R. Oliver Associate Professor (954) 262-1476 Pamela R. Oliver's bio Email Pamela R. Oliver
Gina Peyton Adjunct Professor (954) 262-5366 Gina Peyton's bio Email Gina Peyton
Kenneth R. Seger Associate Professor (954) 262-1488 Kenneth R. Seger's bio Email Kenneth R. Seger
Josephine Shallo-Hoffmann Associate Dean/Professor (954) 262-4226 Josephine Shallo-Hoffmann's bio Email Josephine Shallo-Hoffman
Joseph Sowka Professor / MSCVR Consultant (954) 262-1472 Joseph Sowka's bio Email Joseph Sowka
Heidi Wagner Professor (954) 262-1466 Heidi Wagner's bio Email Heidi Wagner
Chris Woodruff Associate Professor (954) 262-1410 Chris Woodruff's bio Email Chris Woodruff
Albert David Woods Associate Professor (954) 262-1478 Albert David Woods' bio Email Albert David Woods
Bin Zhang Associate Professor/MSCVR Director (954) 262-1470 N/A Email Bin Zhang